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spanking in bathtub

Some dreadfully naughty girls think they have ‘safe spots’ where their tops won’t take the time to punish them, because it’s too much trouble, or it’s not their usual play space. Those particularly wicked girls think that when they are in those spots it’s their chance to act up and poke the bear, so to speak, without any repercussions. Well, they are in for a big surprise, especially when they find out that when they are naughty, there is no place where they can escape from their well-deserved punishment.

Mila thinks that a nice tub, with the bubbles going will protect her from the big bad Paul, since you don’t punish a girl in the bath, right? So she blows some bubbles in his face, and teases him by taunting that he won’t do anything to a girl when she’s all wet in the bathtub, right? Paul is quite happy to prove her wrong, especially when he wants to teach the lesson that a wet ass hurts even more then a dry one! She starts squirming and begging almost immediately once his big hand lands across her ass. It doesn’t take much before she has a nice, bright red and purple ass as a reminder that no matter where you are when you are naughty, there are consequences.

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Stephanie Spanked OTK

Some of our new girls that come in for classes just have all sorts of attitude. They come in for their first time and think it’s going to be no problem. They are sure there’s nothing we can do that they can’t take. We love taking those girls and turning them around so they know what it’s like to take a bit of extra discipline. In particular, Dani Daniels just adores bending these girls over and showing them what it’s like to take a spanking for their punishment. She has half of them crying and begging to stop, and the other half begging for more.

Stephanie Murray has come in for her first spanking, and since she’s in for a lesson it’s only appropriate she shows up in full uniform! Dani gets that girl’s cute ass bent over her lap fast and has her squirming as she lands blow after blow bare-handed on Stephanie’s untouched behind. She starts out squirming and whining, but soon is panting as Dani applies over 400 blows to the new girl’s ass to break her in. We think she’s had enough, but as soon as Stephanie is up she shows she’s still got plenty of attitude as she declares that Dani missed a spot! This is one girl we know we’ll have back another time.

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Helen gets Paddled

Dani doesn’t expect much from her friends. You just have to be nice to her, be there when she needs it, and well, don’t steal. It’s a shame that some girls just can’t follow those simple rules.

Dani isn’t one to completely pass off a friend though, she knows that some of them just need a little…correction in their lives before they understand just what it means to betray someone’s trust like that. She just has to take them somewhere private where she can bring out her favorite method of adjusting someone’s attitude.

This time Dani catches Hellen Baker going through her stuff, and she tries to make away with some of Dani’s cash. Dani confronts the girl and tells her she can either get out, or take her punishment. Well, Hellen has all sorts of attitude and decides to go for her punishment.

Dani brings out the big wooden paddle, and you can see Hellen’s face just drop. She bends over though and takes the paddle on her ass over her panties though, because she really does want to be Dani’s friend. Dani doesn’t give her any mercy though and gives her twelve hard swats so she gets a solid red reminder on her backside.

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spanked redhead

We like it when the girls end up bottomless for their spankings, you really get to see their ass turn nice and red, and there’s something especially naughty when you have a spanking bottom bare-assed up when you apply your hand, your paddle, or anything else you’d like to their cute, soft, skin. It’s a different atmosphere when they strip completely too, it’s something that turns from naughty, to just plain wicked. For most of these girls, when they get naked, you can see them get aroused too. Not only do their asses turn nice and red, but you end up with two soaking wet, hot as hell spanking bottoms too. When there are two of them, they get that lovely embarrassment factor too, and you can really see how the spanking affects them.

Diana and Anita started out just wanting spankings over their clothes. After a few minutes of that spanking though, it just wasn’t enough for them, and we took off their bottoms. It wasn’t long though before the two lovely girls were completely naked. They started out giggling nervously, but when the belt, and the bare-handed spankings began, those giggles turned to moans, cries of pain, and delicious sounds of nice rhythmic smacking. These two girls were practically getting off on the spanking and watching the other girl’s treatment, so we decided to give them a time out and teach them to stand in the corner like the naughty girls they are. That wasn’t it for them, we had to apply the riding crop to each of them in turn while they were standing there. They just moaned even louder though! Some naughty spankos you just can’t teach, we guess, though when they did go to get dress we heard the delicious hisses and moans whenever their clothes rubbed them in just the right…and wrong ways.

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otk red bottom

Never underestimate the motivation when two girls get together and they think they can outdo the other. Even a girl that has the tightest, naughtiest, and toughest ass will somehow take even more, will beg for more, and will put on more of a show when there’s another spanking lover there for them to show off to, or to compete against. It’s so sweet, because you can see it in their eyes, no matter how much they moan and complain, once they catch sight of the other girl, they’ll just go that much longer, and you’ll get your chance to work out so many things that they might not have the endurance to handle on their own. We so enjoy those little competitions that we try to encourage them as much as possible.

Bonny and Vicky weren’t sure about doing the spanking at the same time, they were so nervous at first and didn’t think they could do a bare-assed spanking in front of the other girl. Once the pants and the panties came off, we convinced them that they could take so much more then the other could take. They were nervous until we started with the over-the-lap, bare handed spanking, because once they bent over, you could see the growing heat in the other girl’s eyes when they saw the first squirming and moaning. We gave them a nice little warmup of course, that bare handed spanking barely got their asses pink before they were begging for more. This time we upped the stakes of course, and had them go at the same time. Once they bent over and we saw their cute pink asses, out came the paddles. They watched each other as they moaned when the leather paddle hit, and you could just see they were determined not to be the one that gave up before the other.

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alison paddled

There are all sorts of wonderful ways you can bring in the new year, some girls like to find someone they can kiss, or some others like to take shots, but our girls definitely have different ways of celebrating. They just love the feel of a bright red ass, warmed up with a solid paddle or a bare hand. So what better way to end the year then to go into the next one with their ass nice and sore? It’s certainly a better way to roll into the new year then just a chaste kiss on the lips, ro doing something that you won’t remember the next day, this way a girl ends up with a reminder!

Alison Miller definitely enjoys the end of year paddling tradition; she did it a couple of years ago, and figured that this was a good year to bring back the tradition. This time she asked for one of the hardest paddles, we could get for her and for Frank Reed to give her a solid swat on each stroke of midnight. Well, with a nice ass like hers are you going to refuse her? Frank certainly wasn’t going to say no, after all! Alison brings in the new year to the sound of solid wood striking her hot ass, and believe us, Frank paddles hard! She gets her wish though and ends with a dozen hard strokes and a red ass she’ll certainly feel the next day.

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Tara first spanking

A girl’s first spanking as an adult can be such a revelation. They come in so nervous, so sweet, and they are so afraid of how much it’s going to hurt their first time. Well, it doesn’t matter how reassured you make them, they aren’t going to change their minds until you bend them over and apply the first few swats. When a woman feels that warm sting, and the slap of a bare hand, we just love watching the change come over them when they realize just how much they like it. Sometimes it takes a bit of training though, training we are quite happy to provide.

Tara Somerville came to us and said she’d never been spanked before! That’s just something we couldn’t let pass. This naughty office woman has more than enough to atone for, and when she makes an off-handed rude comment that’s the last straw. Frank Reed pulls her over his lap, yanks down her skirt and underwear and starts giving this naughty woman her first ever bare-ass spanking. She cries and complains to begin with, but as her ass warms up and reddens, she’s soon moaning from the spankings, and by the time Frank finishes, she’s not just red, she’s wet. We just might have more discipline problems with her in the future, at this rate.

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caned before dinner

It always helps to give a bratty little girl a reminder that certain behaviors are unacceptable. Some of those girls require several reminders, and you need to give them extra attention, or they’ll end up slipping back into their old bad behaviors. It’s a type of discipline that takes extra practice, and extra patience, because those reinforcing lessons mean you have to make extra time for your little brat and make sure that you leave enough of a gap so that your reminder doesn’t fade before the lesson has its greatest impact.

Mila definitely has those discipline problems, it seems like she just can’t help being disruptive whenever she’s at a formal event. She gets fidgety, and that inevitably leads to her acting out and making problems at the worst times. Well this time Paul is not about to have that. They are going to a formal affair that Mila complained about sitting through, so he decides to give her a little reminder of why she needs to sit quietly. He puts her on the bed and pulls up her dress before he applies the cane to her soft round ass. Her fear of the cane is quite obvious, and when he leaves her ass striped red she cries with the pain and humiliation. He keeps going though until she has a suitable reminder of the seriousness of the event, one that will stick with Mila ever time she sits down.

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32 strokes with crop

Training is such an important thing. How is a girl going to learn discipline, control, and restraint if they don’t receive their share of punishment and training, after all? We make sure that when we get a girl under our care they don’t just receive the best education, they learn the best forms of discipline as well. When we say kneel, they kneel, when we say undress, they undress, and when we say to present, they get their asses in the air so we can apply their next lesson. The faster a girl learns how to follow those simple instructions, the easier she’ll find it in the long term.

Blonde bombshell Amelia is one of the more promising students we have, so we figured it was time for us to give her a pop quiz. Our trainer showed up at her room unannounced and rousted her out of her bed for some quick orders. She complied despite her rather groggy state of mind, but we had her in shape quickly enough. Of course, then the real training and discipline began, and we had her ass up in the air for some hard punishment. She does need to work on her endurance, it appears, because she barely got through thirty-two strikes with the riding crop before she had to surrender. We just will have to put her on a plan that builds up her tolerance, now won’t we?

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otk hand spanking

A lot of girls culture that bad girl image, but when you get your hands on them, they are timid as hell, and will never put up a struggle. Other girls, they do the opposite, they seem so sweet and innocent, and delicate, but as soon as they don’t get their way they turn into screaming, crying, whining little girls that aren’t getting the candy bar exactly the way they want it. Those girls can sometimes be the toughest, because they will throw the temper tantrums of a little girl, while in a very grown up body. Luckily we have experience dealing with those brats, and the extra challenge just makes the correction all the better.

Johannie’s tattoos definitely showed that despite her innocent demeanor, we probably had a girl who was going to cause us trouble on our hands. Sure enough, when we actually told her she had to start working and fulfill her contract, she was too busy, or too tired, or whatever. Our man brought in the ‘punishment’ clause, and she immediately turned into the wild woman we expected. She was such a handful that even our guy sometimes had trouble holding her down. She did get her just punishment though in the form of a cherry red ass, so next time she might behave a bit better.

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