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Spanking Picture

Two things in life that really should have holes in them are swiss cheese and paddles. If you are going to make a paddle, don’t forget to drill the holes. And don’t forget to sand down the edges of the holes. Nothing is quite as beautiful as a serious bare bottom paddling.

There are two good reasons to drill holes in paddles. One, when you swing it it should move through the air faster. Less wind resistance is often offered to be the reason and that is partially true, but is main reason. The main reason is to add edges. The hole add an edge that cause more pain. This is why you must sand down the holes – you don’t want sharp edges. A paddle like this can cause a good amount of pain even with jeans on. I’ve seen girls take a good paddling on their jeans and then when told to drop their pants you see they have nice marks on their ass. The sting of a good paddle cuts right through denim, so you can just imagine what a bare bottom paddling feels like.

This is another fine spanking gallery from The Girls Boarding School. This unfortunate schoolgirl has a very nice bum. She is instructed to drop her jeans and panties. The head master grabs her arm and swats her bare bottom with a paddle. And he uses a proper paddle with holes.

These spanking picture galleries are nice, but at some point you really need to watch the videos. A membership to GBS is definitely a good deal. You can download their entire collection and watch it over and over. They have been making spanking movies for a long time so their archive is quite large and extensive.

At Girls Boarding School the site is frequently updated and new girls continuously show up and need strict punishment. The older girls keep forgetting their lessons and continuously screw up so there is always plenty of new spanking going on at GBS.