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squirming during caning

The school always tells us the rules are for our own good, that they just are there to keep us safe, but they always take them too far. I mean, spankings and canings for being a little late for class? Paddles for doing badly on a test? The school teacher and proctors just go too far, and if I knew how harsh things were before I got here, there’s no way I would have enrolled! We all try to find our was out though now and again.

This time though, oh boy, I got grounded for some stupid offence working in the kitchen, but I just had to get out and meet Lotty so she could get me some notes. I had no idea the proctors watched me so closely! As soon as I got back to my room, one was waiting for me. I knew I was in trouble, but when he brought out the cane I knew how bad it was going to be. They love humiliating us while they punish us. He only let me keep my panties for a little while before he decided that the canes just weren’t hurting enough. I could have told him otherwise! He just wasn’t satisfied though until he left my ass black and bruise from top to bottom, to make it worse, I got grounded for even longer too, it sucked, because I could barely sit down, and pacing my tiny bedroom was so humiliating as my ass burned.

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bare ass paddling

The school tries to get all the girls into as many extracurricular activities as they can. They say it’s a good way for us to build our transcript, and it’s supposed to build teamwork or something like that. They really frown on not doing well though. All the girls are expected to pick a sport, and if you refuse they sign you up for ‘extra discipline’ it’s almost as bad when you join a sport, because they punish you whenever you lose for not ‘applying proper effort’.

I thought swim team was going to be one of the easier sports to stay out of trouble, I mean, most of the class isn’t great, and the other schools in the region are even worse. My first meet though went disastrous, I missed a launch, and just couldn’t catch up! I could tell I was in trouble before I even made it out of the water. They didn’t do anything until we got back to the main dorms, but then the coach brought out his paddle. I was supposed to be ‘reminded’ that winning is the purpose of the school, and he paddled my ass until it was black and blue. How am I supposed to compete when I can barely kick my legs? It was even worse when he made me hold the paddle and stand in the corner until my clothing and the team towels dried.

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a good spanking

What they don’t tell you about the boarding school, is that a lot of the teachers and proctors live around the campus too. They have their own housing, separate from the rest of us, but they still make all the girls maintain their homes. They tell us they are doing it so that we can get a break from the class and get some work done. I just think that they don’t want to clean up after themselves.

The problem is that they are never satisfied with your work! Even when we keep their place nice and clean they make us work harder. They say a good spanking makes the work easier, but I don’t think so. This time I was supposed to clean one of the proctor’s kitchens, but he made sure it was a total mess, and then gave me almost no time to get it done! I tried to tell him, but he didn’t listen, instead he just came back with his cane when time was up. I was lucky he was in a hurry, he didn’t make me take off my jeans, but that cane of his stings all the way through! I know that he just wanted the excuse, but why do they get to keep their places so much messier then we do?

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paddled and bruised

‘Study sessions’ take on a whole new meaning when you go to our school. All of the girls dread a study session, because it usually means that one of the teachers thinks you aren’t doing enough in classes, and they want and excuse to use the school’s discipline techniques on us. Most of us go out of our way to avoid the teachers when they get that look, and well, it does motivate us to keep our grades up so they can’t find faults with our work.

I thought I was doing well enough, but I stayed up late one night, and the next day they had a pop quiz! I was so tired I didn’t do well at all on that test, so the professor said I needed ‘one on one’ attention to catch up. I knew what that means, and tried to get a retest, but he insisted! He made me bring out the book and find all of the answers for the quiz, all while he pulled up my skirt and paddled me! It hurt so bad when he bruised me up, but it was worse knowing he made me sit there with my panties down so he could see all of me! It went on sooo long too, I couldn’t sit down it seemed like forever after!

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caned redhead

I know tradition is a big deal at this school, but it seems like the only tradition they like to use is the one regarding corporal punishment. None of us is safe from the teachers, the proctors, even the seniors, if they decide we have had an infraction, it’s over the table and ass up for a spanking or even a caning. The school has the best reputation, I wonder where they got it!

This time I didn’t think I did anything wrong, I mean my tests were ok, so I thought it was ok to leave my homework until the last minute. The teacher called for it early though and I couldn’t turn it in! That was it, I was off to one of the punishment rooms. They didn’t even let me keep my panties when they caned me. It hurts so bad, but it’s even worse when that warmth seeps through and I get just a little wet, I don’t like the punishments, I don’t!

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naughty girl gets spanked

The school has their own psychiatrist on staff, it’s supposedly so that they can help the girls adjust, and when they get down to talk to someone privately to work out their problems. All the girls know to avoid him though, because almost all his ‘treatments’ involve us bent over for some corporal punishment and him just saying ‘buck up’.

Some of my teachers though thought I was slacking off in class, even though my grades didn’t slip, so they sent me for one of the therapists’ private sessions. I was just tired, I didn’t think I needed any of his kind of help, but they insisted I go. When he saw me he told me he just needed a reminder of how tough girls behave, and made me bend over his lap. When his bare hand wasn’t enough to get a sting going through my jeans he just stripped me out of my panties. His therapy must have worked, because I really perked up in class, just so I wouldn’t have to go for another ‘treatment’!

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spanked girl

I really thought I was being a model student. I was ready for class all the time, never missed homework, never was late, always kept my room clean. I learned fast that I didn’t want to get my ass paddled, and I thought I stayed under the radar of all the proctors and teachers. I didn’t know that they just watched me closer, waiting for a slipup.

When someone snuck away my skirt during gym they told me I was at fault! The proctor made me march all the way back to my room without any clothes at all. It was so humiliating when all the girls looked at me and sniggered. It didn’t get better when I got back to the room. That’s when he told me my real punishment was for losing school property. He made me bend over while he grabbed his paddle and spanked my ass red. It was so humiliating, especially when he told me how red my pussy was, and how he was just making my backside match!

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I thought I was getting off lucky so far. Not too many teachers paid attention to me, I stayed out of trouble, so when I got pulled to the side my spanking punishments were pretty mild. I even started to enjoy it, it made my ass feel so warm, and those shocks just seemed to ache right between my thighs. I didn’t know that I made the other girls jealous, so they set me up!

They made it look like I was cheating, for that the professor has to bring out the paddles. He had this one favorite wood paddle I thought I was so lucky to avoid, though not that time. It hurt so badly when he paddled my ass, and what made it worse is that my ass didn’t even end up all that red! He told me I needed more conditioning, so I would get plenty of special attention from then on. When I think about that paddle raking across my behind and all that aching left behind I just don’t know if I’ll be able to stand it if I am going to get anything harder!

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real punishment

The teachers often send us off to run their errands for them, even if they can do it themselves. They say that it is so that they can get on with their duties, but we get in trouble when we are out of classes, so if another teacher catches us we can still get in trouble!

This time my math professor told me to get his lesson plan from his locker with the other teacher’s folder. I found the locker easily enough, but when I tried to find the lesson plan the other teacher walked in on me! He said I had no business being here and told me to get ready for my punishment. He didn’t listen when I said another teacher sent me there, and made me stand there without my panties or skirt when he got the paddle! I know he just wanted a good spanking picture from me, but did my ass have to hurt so bad to get it?

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This belt spanking video shows a girl’s boarding school student getting the belt on her bare bottom for being naughty in class. The girl is sent to the headmaster’s study where she is made to lift her skirt and drop her knickers. She is bent over the arm of a large leather chair so that her bare bottom is raised in the air. The headmaster removes his belt and folds it double. He rests the leather belt on her bare backside as he begins to question the girl about her misbehaviour.

painful belt spanking

As the headmaster questions the girl his belt caresses her bare buttocks. With each unsatisfactory answer to his questions he raises it in the air and brings it down with a loud thwack across her rosy cheeks and she squeals loudly. By the time this severe belt spanking is complete the girl is sobbing and begging him to stop.

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