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otk hand spanking

A lot of girls culture that bad girl image, but when you get your hands on them, they are timid as hell, and will never put up a struggle. Other girls, they do the opposite, they seem so sweet and innocent, and delicate, but as soon as they don’t get their way they turn into screaming, crying, whining little girls that aren’t getting the candy bar exactly the way they want it. Those girls can sometimes be the toughest, because they will throw the temper tantrums of a little girl, while in a very grown up body. Luckily we have experience dealing with those brats, and the extra challenge just makes the correction all the better.

Johannie’s tattoos definitely showed that despite her innocent demeanor, we probably had a girl who was going to cause us trouble on our hands. Sure enough, when we actually told her she had to start working and fulfill her contract, she was too busy, or too tired, or whatever. Our man brought in the ‘punishment’ clause, and she immediately turned into the wild woman we expected. She was such a handful that even our guy sometimes had trouble holding her down. She did get her just punishment though in the form of a cherry red ass, so next time she might behave a bit better.

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camilla otk

It’s always so amusing when we get a new girl that “volunteers” for a taste of the discipline they never got when they were younger. Most of them come in with the attitude that they can take any kind of spanking, any kind of impact on their oh-so-sensitive behind, and they never seem to have the proper level of respect for anyone else. Those spoiled little girls are so much fun to bend over and break, because they have no clue what’s in store for them once we really get going. It’s almost a game to see how badly we can get them begging before we finish with them.

Camilla definitely had that new girl attitude in spades, so we thought we’d get her into the right mind-set with a bit of student role-play. She was very happy to play the smart-assed student, since she just ‘knew’ that spanking is not bad at all. Our version of corporal punishment for bad students is more then she suspected though, especially when we got her panties around her thighs and exposed that bare ass. Over 250 spanks later, and her ass was brighter red then her face, and she could barely hold still on the spanking Sir’s lap from all the whimpering and squirming.

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spanking training

There are some girls out there that adore spanking, they love it, they melt into it like butter, and just a few blows will get them soaring and moaning with every caress of a paddle, or of a bare hand. Those girls can be so sexy hot, because you just know they are creaming their panties on every blow. Other girls love spankings as they challenge, they just know they can wear out whomever is paddling their ass. They take the burn as a personal contest, and the more red their ass gets; the more dedicated they are to last through whatever you can dish out.

Leia-Ann Woods is definitely a hard-core spanking lover, but every time she turns up her fantastic ass, she loves it as a personal challenge and she just knows she will go farther each time. This time she participates in a little discipline. Leia-Ann tries to go a little more…military with her training as she adds intense spankings to her workouts. She may be able to take quite a spanking, but even she is surprised when he really lays into her pert ass. She makes it through a huge scene with over two-hundred blows, which turn her ass red, black and blue.

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cherry red ass

It’s always a struggle these days for people who want to convey proper discipline on some of these girls. They grow up without a strong influence, and they don’t learn how to show proper respect to those in authority, and those who have more knowledge then they do. It is a shame, because so many of them can be so much better with just a little application of corporal punishment. Luckily, we have teachers that know how a heavy hand can turn a girl around.

This particular little schoolgirl was very disruptive in class, she showed no respect for either the teacher, or her fellow students, so she ended up pulled aside at the end of the class. She’d been punished several times in ‘modern’ methods, but in her case it looked like some old-fashioned discipline was in order. She stood against the wall and stripped out of her uniform until she stood there bare-assed. Before she was allowed to leave she had to beg her teacher for her spanking until her ass was red and she moaned and begged for more on each blow. She learned that humiliation can be a powerful too, because not only did she end up with a red ass, but red cheeks as well as she realized how much she liked ‘traditional’ punishment.

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spanked ass

It’s never a good thing when one of the teachers corners you in the hallway. If you haven’t been in trouble recently, they’ll come up with some reason that you probably need a dose of discipline. I knew enrolling in the school that I might get in trouble, but I did want to sit down occasionally!

This time I thought I managed to get from class to class with no problems, but my math teacher caught me just before I got to my class! He said that I missed a homework assignment, but I know I never forget those! It didn’t matter to him, he still pulled me aside anyway. When he brought me to one of the changing rooms I just knew I was going to miss my class. I suppose I was lucky he didn’t have a paddle with me, but he didn’t stop until he spanked my ass red. I couldn’t help getting hot, and when he found out he made me stand in the corner until I calmed down.

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spanked ass

A little responsibility, that is all some sluts need, and just never seem to get that they might actually have to work for something. When someone tells them what brats they are they get whiney and complain because they have never had anyone show them the consequences for their actions.

This little brat didn’t think she did anything wrong when she went out and took the money she was given and bought herself new clothes rather then the food that she was supposed to buy. She even struggled when he decided to spank her ass red as punishment. It’s a good thing he was holding her down, because the brat was thicker headed then most. It took a long time for her to get the message, and by then she barely could sit her ass down long enough to take the clothes she bought off and bring them back to get the money back.

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My Mistress can be very concerned with appearances, and making sure that everything in our scenes are styled properly. When we’re getting ready to take a spanking picture, She makes sure that I’m wearing the proper corset, and that the bedspread will provide good contrast to the rosy red marks She’s going to leave on my ass.

Sometimes She hits me with a wooden ruler, sometimes with a paddle, but my favorite scenes are when She holds me down with one hand, and really lets me have it with the other. She has such fierce concentration when She’s working me over that I can’t help but appreciate the extra effort that goes into making me a pretty addition to her collection of designer objects. I know she makes me look beautiful while we play, and that She shows Her love through Her attention to detail and focus on my appearance.

Sometimes the only way to get through to a bad girl is to give her a right good thrashing. Once she’s agreed to let you discipline her in the manner you find appropriate, making sure she learns her lesson, or at least that the lesson sticks until the bruises fade, is the best way to train a bad girl into a good one.

No matter how she grimaces or squirms away from the paddle, as long as she doesn’t stand up and try to walk away, she makes quite a good spanking picture for the rest of the class, and she’ll thank you after you’re done. If she doesn’t? Well, then she deserves another spanking, doesn’t she? And remember, if she cries, it means you’re really getting through to her, but she’s probably only a few swats away from being unable to respond much more. When that happens, why not gently run the paddle over her bruised ass a bit until she calms down? Keeping bad girls off balance means they’ll just have to pay better attention in the future, so everyone wins.

All we asked is that she made sure that the stockings were hung by the chimney with care, because we wanted our Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers. Madison was too interested in picking out just the ‘right’ elf costume for the season and just tacked them up, and did such a poor job that we didn’t know if Santa would even visit. Since she was such a naughty girl and didn’t do her job well Chloe had to punish her properly so that she had a chance to make it back onto the nice list so that Santa would stop by!

We had to take these spanking pictures to make sure that Santa knew that Chloe spanked Madison good and hard, and wanted to be a good and nice girl for the holidays. She got those rosy cheeks upturned as Chloe bent her over the knee and started with a few good whacks. That wasn’t enough though, she still needed punishment to be a nice girl. Madison needed a good session with the brush over her slutty behind, because she thought she could bribe Santa with flashes of her white panties and pretty pussy. That’s no way to show Santa what a nice girl you’ve become!

Lina has a catering business and one of the girls, Katie, who worked for her was repeatedly goofing off. Lina decided to fire her, but the girl pleaded and begged. She really needed the job and if she lost it she would be in a dire financial jam. Lina told her that she had two choices she could take a bare bottom spanking or be fired. Katie seemed stunned at the suggestion. Lina went on to explain how it would not be a light spanking and that she would use a heavy leather paddle and a strap.

Katie was shocked and new that she had no other choice, she needed to keep her job. She accepted her punishment. Lina told Katie to lay over her knee and then she lifted up her skirt. Katie has a very nice and round bottom perfect for a good OTK spanking. Lina give her some very nice wacks with her hand and Katie feels the sting and is surprised at just how much an OTK hand spanking can hurt.

Lina then decides it’s time for the domestic discipline to start for real. She instructs Katie to stand up and bend over. We get a great view of Katie’s sexy legs and her stockings. Her stockings perfectly framer her nice juicy bottom. Lina grabs the leather paddle and gives Katie and strikes her bottom over and over until she is crying and sobbing. But Lina doesn’t stop, she wants to make sure this punishment is remembered. She then picks up a strap and straps Katie’s bottom quite severely.

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